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we are a social & environmental software cooperative specializing in creating and designing websites, web apps and native apps

We are a social & environmental software cooperative
specializing in creating apps, websites, AI and everything tech.

we are
sofi cooperative

SOFI is a software service cooperative. We supply custom-made software, design and AI solutions for entrepreneurs, NGOs, start-ups and public entities.

We are committed to creating precise technological products that address social and environmental challenges.
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Our specialties

Software Development

We develop polished websites, native apps and information systems at any level of complexity.


Our team loves crafting user experiences that are not just intuitive and dynamic, but also meaningful. We turn your ideas into real, user-friendly designs.

Product Management

We work together to ensure your product aligns with your business vision while creating a seamless blend of strategy and innovation.

Blockchain Engineering

Blockchain is changing everything. Our experts will design a customized solution for effective blockchain technology implementation in your product.

Web Design

We’re looking for a harmonious fusion of captivating design and practical functionality. Our artists create inviting interfaces that are visually expressive and effortlessly navigable.

AI solutions

Empower your activity with our AI solutions. We create intelligent systems, from responsive chatbots to predictive analytics and advanced machine learning.

Our projects

talk to meAI

Meet our new AI bot that converts audio messages in Whatsapp to text messages. It is an early version of a more comprehensive AI-driven product that we are developing for social causes and to assist organizations and companies to grow.

*Please be aware that you should not share private information. The AI bots are managed by administrators who have access to the content.

Avoda +

Our contribution to a better labor market. A mobile app designed and developed to help youths know & exercise their rights as workers.


A re-designed, tri-lingual, modern platform, designed to keep enthusiastic citizens informed of local municipal construction plans.

Open Committee

A web app which empowers users to follow and influence the happenings at planning committees, driving better decision making by active public participation.


A new and innovative strategy to achieve consensus based decisions from hundreds of different viewpoints. Consenz is a trailblazing web app that works to promote democratization in organizations.

footprint calculator

This unconventional calculator rings up the carbon impact of commercial flights, and offers users several alternatives to offset the emissions.

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Our team of developers, product designers, and AI consultants is always eager to take on new challenges aligned with our values.

We are passionate about democratization, social justice, food security, urbanism, and digital health (to name a few).

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