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Founded in 2017, Sofi is a workers' cooperative that comprises 11 partners, including product managers, UX/UI designers, full-stack developers, and AI professionals.

As a cooperative, our model is based on democratic, consensus-based decision-making, and equal revenue distribution.
photo of all the members of sofi
During the past few years, we have worked on more than 200 projects, including native and web apps, websites, artificial intelligence products, and information systems.

In our daily work, we demonstrate flexibility and creativity by collaborating with a diverse range of partners that broaden our perspective: Palestinians and Israelis, women and men, urbanists, and kibbutz members.

Our unique organizational style allows us to be extremely flexible and effective in creating the best solutions for contemporary social and environmental challenges.

our services

AI Tailor made solutions

We design and develop AI solutions, enlarging your organization methods of impact. You address the social challenge, we develop the technological tools that'll solve it.

software services

We are working hand-in-hand with accelerators, startups and R&D departments outsourcing software and designing services. whether you want to add new features to your product, or need a leading team for the entire process of development - our experts will make sure each milestone meets its deadline.

Workers rights applications

We are developing and promoting apps that help workers and immigrants fulfill their rights in the labor market worldwide.

Govtech \ Urban planning applications

As urbanists, we understand what makes cities thrive. Our platforms assist municipalities and architects in formulating better policies for city residents. We are also ardent supporters of direct democracy and citizen participation. Therefore, we have developed tools for public-driven decisions, empowering the governmental sector to take more informed actions.

the team

Yaron Shaer

Project Manager & UX Designer

Noa Finkelstein

Project Manager & UI Designer

Nadav Moreno

Software Developer

Aviran katz

Software Developer

Roy Golan

Product Manager

Ofry Ehrlich

Business Development

Tzur shertzer

Product Designer

Lujain Abd Allatif

Software Developer

Adan Hajyahya

Software Developer
Image of Gali Sarig

Gali Sarig

Product Designer

Joel Rothschild

Web, App, and Business Development
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